Tuesday, 18 August 2015

How We Provided Power Operated Fire Shutter Doors to Mann & Hummel

The Amber Doors team recently carried out a project for Mann & Hummel, who wished to have their existing fire shutters replaced with something more efficient.  The client required new shutters which featured low level reset switches, which would eliminate the need to hire a scissor lift to help them to reach the reset button on the shutters each time they carried out a fire test, therefore saving them valuable time and money.

Scheduled Fire Tests

Regular, scheduled fire tests are extremely important as they have the potential to save lives, as any faults in the system can be rectified under a controlled environment.  The testing should also prompt business owners to remind all occupants within the building of the procedures to follow in the event of a fire, so that the building can be evacuated safely and quickly.  

Fire Shutter Door

After seeking our help, the Amber Doors team removed the 6NR high level manual operated fire shutters, and replaced them with a power operated fire shutter door.  Based in Wolverhampton, Mann & Hummel have been in business for over 70 years where they have built up a product portfolio which includes: air filter systems, liquid filter systems, cabin filters, intake manifold systems and sound-design components.  They have over 1,000 research specialists and produce 16 filter elements every second. 

At Amber Doors we are able to provide a range of fire resistant roller shutter doors, which are suitable for a variety of properties.  Having fire resistant doors installed fitted can mean that fire can be contained within a particular area.  This can be a key element in the prevention of fire spreading, and can save business owners an enormous amount of money and hassle than if the fire were to spread quickly across the whole premises.

If you would like more information on how we could protect your business from fire, you can give our team a call on 0121 565 6161.

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