Thursday, 6 August 2015

Amber Doors Come to Senoble’s Rescue

The Amber Doors team were under pressure recently as they went to view a job which they initially thought would be a straight forward repair on a loading bay shelter.  However, on arriving at Senoble in Worcester, the team quickly saw that they were going to need to completely replace the shelter, as it had been severely damaged by a vehicle accidently driving into it.

The team understood Senoble’s sense of urgency, as they needed to be able to have the loading bay back in full working order as quickly as possible to resume normal levels of productivity.  The engineers efficiently identified that an inflatable shelter would need to be installed, as this would provide a secure area for goods to be transferred in and out of the building.

Our engineers discussed with the Senoble staff the benefits of having an Amber Doors inflatable dock shelter fitted:

·         Due to the inflatable feature, the shelters are ideal for vehicles of a variety of sizes.
·         The dock shelters can be mounted according to the relevant dock level height – rendering them highly versatile and suitable for a wide range of warehouses.
·         Once the trailer has reversed up to the loading bay, the head bags are inflated to create a tight seal around the rear of the trailer.  This prevents any heat from escaping from the warehouse, therefore helping to reduce draughts and act as an energy efficient piece of equipment. 
·         The tight seal can also ensure workers are protected by a safe working environment and will act as a deterrent for opportunist thieves.

The team were able to remove the existing damaged shelter and fit the new inflatable shelter in just one day, allowing Senoble to resume business as normal.  The staff at Senoble were thrilled with the result, including the quick turnaround from the initial inspection to the completion of the new shelter.

If your dock shelter needs repairing or replacing, or if perhaps you would like to find out more about our inflatable or retractable dock shelters, please give our sales team a call on 0121 565 6161 to find out more.

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