Monday, 31 March 2014

Top Questions Asked By Amber Doors’ Customers

Here at Amber Doors we get asked all sorts of questions on a daily basis.  But here’s a list of some of the most frequently asked questions:

What capacity is the leveller?

The leveller generally would be 6000kg but we can go to 9000kg and even 12000kg if required (the last two options would obviously be more expensive).

Can you repair existing Cylinders (RAMS)?

Generally yes we can.  What normally happens is that the leveller is hit by the lorry and this will break the seals or bend the rod or even both.  We keep certain designs of rams in stock so that we are able to replace them and then get the damaged ram repaired.  However, if it is not a standard item then the ram would have to be removed from site in order to allow repairs to take place.  This then leaves the leveller out of action.

Can you repair hoses?

Unfortunately no, when a hose is damaged it has to be replaced.  We do have our own swager which enables us to make replacement hoses up to suit most applications.

How often does the leveller need to be serviced?

It is dependent on the site conditions and the wear and tear that the leveller receives, generally a service should take place as a minimum every six months.

The leveller will only travel up slowly then just drops, even if you hit the stop button.

The leveller is losing oil pressure, therefore either there is a split hose or the power pack is damaged (you would normally be able to tell as there will be oil visible in the pit).

Can I have just have the bumpers replaced?

Yes.  There are various different types of bumper available with different types of protective plates plus fixed or sliding back plates.

Can you repair the shelter that has been hit?

We would need to see it and advise accordingly, but if the damage is too excessive generally it is more financially viable to replace it.  However, if the shelter is an inflatable and it was just a split in the air bag, we can usually repair this with patchwork kit.

Can you refurbish my leveller rather than replacing it?

Yes we can generally refurbish anything but again, a site visit would be required to advise accordingly.

Is it just straight guides that you do?

No, there are options available with straight and cranked guides available.

Can you link the traffic light with the shelter so that the driver doesn’t drive away with the shelter still inflated?

Yes, the leveller/door and shelter can all be linked in with the traffic lights.

If you have a question for Amber Doors and you can’t see the answer on this FAQ blog post, feel free to visit our website or give us a call on 0121 565 6161.

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