Friday, 2 May 2014

Maintaining A Safe and Efficient Warehouse Environment

Warehouses are complex industrial operations.  They enable the storage and distribution of products but in order to do this effectively they need to be run safely and securely.  Fire and theft are two of the major threats to the efficient running of a warehouse environment, particularly when storing flammable or high cost goods.

Here are some of the main security issues you may encounter when running a warehouse:

Fire Risk From Flammable Products
If your warehouse stores flammable goods then the risk of fire will be very high.  Remember that it is not just the obvious fire risk products such as gas that you need to worry about but also other highly flammable materials such as paper – which are easy to ignite and will quickly cause a lot of damage.  The best way to reduce the risk of fire is to install industrial fire resistant doors such as shutters or fire curtains.  These products are not only resistant to fire damage but will also help to minimise the spread of fire.

Security Risks
There are always security risks with warehouses as thieves know these buildings are used to store high volumes of goods.  If these goods are also high value, they may attract more of this unwanted attention. In order to protect their clients’ goods, warehouses will need to install security systems such as CCTV, security lighting and secure doors.  Products such as security grilles on ground level windows also provide a popular way for warehouses to prevent break-ins.

Lack of staff training
If staff are inadequately trained in any aspect of the warehouse operations it leaves the building more vulnerable to security risks such as fire and theft.  Staff should be trained to the appropriate level for any machinery and equipment they must operate in the course of their day to day work and this will include understanding how to effectively and safely open and close industrial roller shutter doors.

No health and safety procedures
Warehouses present an environment where accidents may occur due to the fact that there are a lot of people moving around, using machinery and vehicles such as fork lift trucks.  Health and Safety procedures need to be in place at all times and staff should be made aware of these procedures on their induction.

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