Friday, 28 February 2014

Basic Retail Security Measures

No matter what the size of the store, all shop owners understand the importance of having effective security measures put in place during closing hours.  Although many stores are open 24 hours a day, due to Sunday opening hours they will need to close in the early hours of Sunday morning before being able to reopen for business from approximately 9.30am.  Shop owners therefore need to make sure the store is protected from unwanted visitors during closing hours.

Alarm systems are common place, as they will detect if an intruder is attempting to break into the store and will very often alert the shop owner as well as the emergency services should it be activated.  Alarms provide a great deterrent for burglars, particularly if the shop is situated in a residential area as local residents may be alerted to the sound.

Another effective form of retail security are retail security shutter doors.  These are often seen on shop fronts of all sizes, ranging from local convenience stores through to huge supermarkets.  The steel shutter doors are simple to operate by the shop manager and provide the store with an additional form of security once the staff have left for the day.  The steel shutters have a high degree of inner integral strength which is extremely difficult to break through.

Many shop owners select perforated retail security shutter doors as this provides a transparent effect if background lighting is left on.  Although the contents of the shop can still be seen, would-be burglars would not be able to get through the steel shutter doors without a great deal of difficulty and heavy cutting equipment. 

CCTV is another form of effective retail security, most large stores will have CCTV cameras both within the store as well as looking out onto the car park or shop front.  Recorded CCTV images can be used as police evidence should a theft have occurred, and for this reason many commercial insurers will require their policy holders to have CCTV installed within their premises.

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