Friday, 18 September 2015

Amber Doors Complete Dock Leveller Repair in Northampton

Amber doors recently completed repair work for a swing lip dock leveller system for J Van Vliet Cash & Carry in Northampton, saving them a lot of money in the process.

Swing lip dock levellers are commonly used and are ideally suited to most docking stations, particularly when a trailer is to be loaded through the rear doors and must be reversed onto a loading bay. At our customer’s premises in Northampton, as a result of the area near the leveller having previously being used as a water station, the leveller had completely seized up.

Prior to our team visiting the site, our customer had been advised by several other companies that they would need to totally replace the leveller as it was beyond repair. However, Amber doors saw that a complete replacement was not necessary and devised a solution to make sure the dock leveller was fully operational again.
dock leveller

To bring our customer’s dock leveller back to working order, we replaced the following parts:

•    Power pack
•    Head board
•    Bright bar
•    Spools

The leveller is now back in working order, providing a safe and efficient loading bay area. We pride ourselves on always doing what we can to save our customers money. By simply replacing a few parts that were preventing it from working, rather than completely replacing the dock leveller, we were able to save our customer thousands of pounds in the process.

At Amber Doors, we can provide a wide variety of dock levellers to ensure that your loading bay areas are efficient and safe for deliveries and despatch. The main product features of our dock levellers include:

•    Electro hydraulic operation – built to BS EN 1398
•    Chequered plate platform surface
•    Safety maintenance prop
•    Gradient indicators
•    Green pilot lamp on the control panel that indicates when the leveller is safe to use
•    Protection toe guards with black and yellow warning stripes

To find out more about our range of dock levellers or for advice on which dock leveller solution would best suit your loading bay areas, please call the Amber Doors team on 0121 565 6161.

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