Monday, 2 March 2015

Another Successful New Retail Door Installation

For any retail building, it’s of paramount importance that doors and entrance units are safe, secure and meet legal opening requirements. Amber Doors were recently able to supply and fit a new entrance unit within an existing shop, with specifications to improve the shop’s security as well as bring all safety and legal requirements up to date.

aluminum door
One of the main concerns with the original entrance unit was that the aperture of the active door did not meet with the minimum legal opening requirements for a retail premises. In installing a new aluminium door, we increased the aperture, ensuring that the new entrance unit would be in legal compliance.

As well as increasing the opening of the door, we also replaced the existing troublesome floor springs with hold open transom closers, and fitted the new doors with anti- finger trap door stiles bringing the shop entrance unit up to date with the latest anti finger-trap safety requirements. By making these changes, we helped to save the client thousands of pounds by not having to replace the complete shop front façade.

In addition to improving the locking system, the new door unit features 6.4mm clear laminate, laminated glass is safety and security glass.

There are a number of benefits to using laminated glass rather than toughened glass in replacement retail security doors:

  • It remains intact or breaks safely on impact rather than breaking into large pieces
  • It can withstand repeated blows from heavy objects
  • Even once glass is broken, the layers of PVB remain as a barrier to intruders

As well as bringing the shop front up to date with all legal requirements and successfully increasing safety and security, we also provided the new door in a silver anodised finish, ensuring that the aesthetics of the updated entrance unit are in keeping with the rest of the shop front.

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