Wednesday, 7 January 2015

A Recent Scissor Lift Installation for the Buckingham Group

loading dock scissor lift platform
At Amber Doors and Loading Bays, we can offer a standard range of loading dock scissor lift platforms, but we can also provide completely bespoke manufactured lifts for both single and double deck vehicles. Scissor lifts are designed and built to create a strong and hard-wearing solution for the loading and unloading of vehicles at loading docks.

scissor lift installation
Scissor lifts are designed to be able to withstand very heavy loads whilst maintaining stability. To prevent the need for regular maintenance, loading dock scissor lifts are manufactured using maintenance free synthetic bearings, ensuring that the lift remains reliable in the long term.

scissor lift
We recently carried out the installation of a scissor lift platform for the Buckingham Group, on site in Dartford. In order to make the installation process simpler, the scissor lift was delivered to the site by a Hiab crane-mounted truck, enabling it to be lowered into a pre-formed pit directly from the Hiab.

Because of the size of the scissor lift bed, we had to bolt on and weld full length side wings to the lift on site rather than on our premises before transit.

Once the scissor lift was installed, we then fitted safety rails and gates around it in situ. The power pack was then externally installed with all hydraulic hose work fed underground into the pit.

Scissor Lift platform
·         Weight capacity: 2,266KG
·         Lowered height: 356mm
·         Vertical travel: 1600mm
·         Raised height: 1956mm
·         High tensile chequered deck and lip
·         Platform overall dimension of 2540mm wide x 3048mm long
·         2134mm wide x 1016mm long one piece hydraulic lip
·         Power up, gravity down c/w interlock
·         Safety guard rails
·         Manual swing gate on deck on the opposite end of the lip with manual operation, interlocked with the lift
·         Electric toe guards
·         Manual load lowering valve
·         Safety striping on all four sides
·         Screen mesh to all four sides

To find out more about our loading dock scissor lift services, you can visit the Amber Doors website or call us on 0121 565 6161.

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