Monday, 18 May 2015

Amber Doors - It's no accident they chose us!

Amber Doors were recently commissioned to install a new set of telescopic doors to the Accident & Emergency admissions area at Watford General Hospital. 

With such an important area to work in we set about ensuring the job was done speedily, efficiently and effectively - and with no fuss. Patient care was our top priority and to keep disruption to a minimum our friendly staff carried out the installation throughout the night.

Our remit was to match up the doors with some that were already in place as part of a wider extension project. Here are the before and after pictures:



With such a high footfall, the automatic doors needed to be robust, safe and hard working. Our doors fully meet all industry standards and this project was no exception. 

The automatic doors were also fitted with full safety sensors for the safe and reliable operation of the door. This is important at any time of course, but especially when many of those using the entrance are vulnerable or in pain.

With hospitals under such financial pressure, it was important that the Watford A&E department work came in on time and we are delighted to report that our doors were manufactured and installed within the time frames requested by the hospital.

To find out more about our services please visit the Amber Doors website

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