Friday, 1 August 2014

Keep Workers Safe – Follow Our Loading Bay Safety Tips

Workers based in warehouses are usually au fait with operating and using loading bays, but for people who are new to the game, here are our top tips for using a loading bay safely:

·         First of all – adequate training needs to be given to all members of staff who will be using the loading bay.  It may seem obvious, but a lack of knowledge and relevant training can be one of the largest causes of accidents.  Ensure that all personnel are given full training by a relevant member of staff as part of their induction to the role.

·         It’s not just staff who will require training on how to use a particular loading bay, but delivery drivers will also need to understand how the traffic management system works for a specific factory or warehouse.

·         Follow strict guidelines.  Instructions on how to use the loading bay should be displayed near to the door operation system as a reminder for staff or visitors to the warehouse.  This can help to reduce expensive damage to equipment and will also help to reduce the risk of accidents.

·         When installing brand new loading bay equipment to a warehouse, it’s vital that the equipment meets the relevant standards and is also fitted correctly.  Only experienced installers should be hired to fit the equipment, which should have been measured accurately to ensure the correct dimensions are used.

·         Of course, ongoing maintenance is essential.  Loading bays inevitably get knocked by forklift trucks and other vehicles, and are often areas of high traffic.  Their constant, repetitive use can mean that parts can become worn out, so regular maintenance checks are essential to ensure the equipment works effectively and is not putting workers at risk. 

Provided loading bays are used in a safe manner and care is taken to reduce damage to the equipment, the life span of a well-built loading bay can be fairly long.  Managers may find they struggle to find the time to train new staff to use equipment properly, but it is important to remember that training time should be seen as an investment and can help not only to increase the life span of the loading bay, but can also significantly reduce the risk of a nasty accident in the workplace.

To find out more about loading bays, feel free to take a look at the Amber Doors website, as we manufacture and install a wide range of loading bay equipment across the UK and beyond.

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